{BLOG} If Not Artisanal, At Least Locally Owned

There’s a defining point in each potential sale where the fear of isolation or blatant disregard enters the consumer’s mind.

That fear is more pronounced depending on the purchase, societal expectations for the business and price point. Sometimes it is just a flash, and some buyers are wired to overlook such concerns. But it’s there, and it does you no good to ignore it.

There’s an expectation that the big guy doesn’t care about customers. Anyone with even the most cursory experience following automated phone prompts can identify with that concern. Chalk one against the big guys.

There’s also a convincing economic argument that money spent locally with remain local. The American Independent Business Alliance says that $.48 of each dollar spent locally stays local, while only $.16 of each dollar spent at a national chain stays local. It’s completely true, with replication from study after study.

But I don’t think that’s really why consumers purchase locally. It’s because


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